Gambling and drinking – the two go hand in hand. What casino weekend is complete without late nights sitting at the table, or in front of the slots, drink in one hand, holding the cards?

Each gambler has their game of choice. And with it, their drink of choice. There are definitely trends when it comes to certain drinks going with certain games. 2015-09-07-Gin_800x533Take a look to see what the most popular combinations are…

Drink: Long Island Ice Tea

Game: Craps

An energetic, fun game requires a drink that can keep up with it. With the combination of vodka, rum, gin, tequila, triple sec, sour mix, and cola you’re sure to keep on going late into the night.

Drink: Martini – Dry, of Course

Game: Baccarat

For those sophisticated players who like their drinks shaken, not stirred. Baccarat is a game full of suspense and intrigue. Don’t forget the sharp suit and bow tie!

Drink: Gin & Tonic

Game: Poker

Poker – unlike many other poker games – requires some skill. Players need to stay sharp and focused to win. Gin & tonic, sipped slowly, is the failsafe option.

Drink: A Fruity Martini

Game: A themed slot machine

Especially recommended to women who like to gamble. Whether you are out with your ladies’ group, or part of a bachelorette party, fruity martinis and fun slot machines are the order of the night.

A Word of Caution

It has come to light that when ordering drinks while playing a game in a casino, what you order is not always what you get. Many people order their drinks by brand name, for example ‘Bacardi and coke’ or ‘Jack Daniels and lime’. What you may not know however, is that the drink that comes out the bar includes cheaper versions of that particular alcohol type. By doing this, casinos can save up to 70% of their liquor bill.

What you could do instead is to stay home, mix your own drink of choice, and sit down to play some serious (and fun) online gambling.