Galvin at Windows Bar, Park Lane

Located on the 28th floor of The London Hilton, Park Lane, Galvin at Windows Bar has peerless 360-degree views across London, views that encompass iconic landmarks as close as the rarely seen back garden of Buckingham Palace and as far away as Wembley Stadium and Hampstead Heath.

Recently the bar has been refurbished and has design touches of the 1930s alongside a new cocktail list. It’s certainly worth visiting as a treat, or a place to impress a date and it feels like one of London’s hidden gems. Some of the cocktails sampled on my last visit are below, though I certainly would suggest you try their marinated Gordal olives.

Red Passion
A sparking blend of Pommery Champagne, Campari, Passoa, Guava Juice and a dash of Strawberry Puree. Light and fruity.

Galvin’s Garden
Simple and refreshing, Bloom Gin based with cucumber and Apple juice. St.Germain liqueur brings in a floral note with the Peach Bitter remaining as an after taste.

White Pearl
Earl Grey Tea and Havana Especial rum based cocktail which delivers an unusual contrast of sweet and sour. The base is a mellow blend of Butterscotch, Chestnut Liqueur and Maple Syrup, while the top is made of a sour egg emulsion.

Apple at Oval
The special notes of Beefeater 24 match astonishingly well with English Breakfast Tea. Fruitiness comes from a good splash of Apple juice and a spiciness thanks to Cinnamon Syrup. To finish, a dash of lime to balance the sweetness.

Moulin Rouge
Fruity and refreshing thanks to Pineapple Juice and fresh Raspberries, Pommery Champagne blended with Chambord and Havana Especial rum.

Note: I was invited to Galvin at Windows Bar on a PR visit


  1. Andrew says:

    I loves me a touch of 1930′s glamour… and rather partial to a cocktail or two also. Suppose I had better go…

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