#WorldGinDay – June 9th 2012

This year, the 4th World Gin Day will be held on the 9th June.

It’s a celebration of all things gin, and a great excuse to mix up a gin drink, and for people to find out about the exceptional gins that are on the market. Everyone will be drinking some gin, whether it’s with Tonic, in a Martini, Sling, Fizz or any other mixed drink.

It’s a day where you don’t need to signup, fill in a form or pay any fees. Just join fellow gin lovers, bars and bartenders around the world in celebrating World Gin Day. There will be a variety of competitions that people can enter to win gin from Hayman’s, Beefeater, Plymouth, Hendrick’s, Geranium, Gin Mare, G’Vine and many other brands.

Gin lovers can keep in touch with each other online through the use of the World Gin Day Facebook Page, or through the Twitter hashtag #WorldGinDay.

Though to really enjoy the spirit there are events happening across the UK, in bars such as Callooh Callay, London and The London Gin Club. In Birmingham gin fans can head to their own gin palace, The Jekyll & Hyde. It’s a truly global day with events also happening in Melbourne, Mumbai and San Francisco.

As the creator of World Gin Day, I’m certainly looking forward to a gin or two!


  1. I look forward to taking part in my own little way here in Sweden; biggest decision, what cocktail will I start with!

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