Hendrick’s Preposterous Proposal Throne

Be careful gentlemen, I’ve just heard that Hendrick’s have been informing ladies about the rules of courtship  through their Ladies School of Nuptial Conquest and School for Scoundrels. Apparently on the 29th of February each leap year, the normal rules of courtship are reversed, and women may freely pursue and propose to gentlemen of their choice.

Their number one piece of advice for ladies looking to obtain their desired gent’s hand in 
marriage is to conduct their proposal in public. The Hendrick’s Preposterous Proposal Throne is popping up in the Capital, inviting ladies across the city to get down on one knee and perform the duly deed of proposal at the following locations throughout London.

Wednesday 29th February

09:00 – 10:30: Lambeth, Embankment (Corner of Lambeth Bridge / Lambeth Palace Road), Lambeth Bridge

12:45 – 14:15: Potters Fields Park (off Tooley St / Potters Field), London Bridge

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