Gin & tonic is so popular, it’s practically an institution. But tonic is not the only mix that goes with gin. Below you will find a variety of interesting gin-based concoctions.

Bee’s KneesGin_&_tonic_(4621166646)

50ml gin

10ml runny honey

5ml water

15ml fresh lemon juice

In a small dish stir the honey into the water until it is dissolved. Pour the mixture into a cocktail shaker then add the gin and lemon juice along with a couple ice cubes. Shake and strain into the glass.


60ml gin

15ml lime juice

10ml sugar syrup

Twist of lime zest (garnish)

Half-fill a tumbler with ice, and pour in the gin, lime juice, and sugar syrup. Give a gentle stir, and garnish with the lime zest. This cocktail is delectably simple.

Gin Rickey

Half a lime

60ml gin

Chilled club soda

Sugar syrup (optional)

Half-fill a tumbler with ice, squeeze lime into the tumbler then add the gin. Top off the glass with club soda. If you prefer a sweeter drink, add a dash of sugar syrup.

Hot and Cold

25 fresh mint leaves

3/4 cup boiling water

60ml gin,

15ml lemon juice

30ml cranberry syrup

Lemon slice (garnish)

Place mint leaves in a mug (or heatproof bowl) and pour the boiling water over them. Let it steep for 5 minutes. In a separate mug combine the gin, lemon juice and cranberry syrup. Strain the mint tea into the mug and stir. Garnish with a lemon slice.

Earl Grey Gin & Tonic

60ml gin

180ml cold Earl Grey tea

This one requires some preparation – but it’s worth it! Half fill a tumbler with ice. Pour in the gin, then top up with the cold Earl Grey tea that you will have prepared to your taste early on, and stir.


60ml gin

20ml lemon juice

20ml Maraschino liqueur

1 Maraschino cherry (garnish)

In a cocktail shaker combine the gin, lemon juice and Maraschino liqueur. Fill the shaker with ice, close, and shake vigorously. In a martini glass, place a cherry inside, and pour the cocktail in the glass while straining.