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Looking for the difference between Scotch and Rye? Want to know how to order cocktails in Vegas, or the best red wine in a fancy French restaurant? Then this is the place to be.

Here – drinking is culture. And knowledge is king. This site is passionate about sharing and providing high quality content, with the goal to inspire, delight and educate enthusiasts. This is not about over-indulgence, excess, and reckless behaviour but rather means to celebrate the vast world of wine, spirits, and everything else in-between.

More Choice More Confusion

With so many choices these days, it is a good time to appreciate a high quality drink. From liquors for cocktails, from craft beers to aged bourbon, local and imported from as far as Japan and South Africa, the choices are endless. The difficulty with all this choice, is that there is now so much more to learn!

You’ve Come to the Right Place

Whether you’re an oenophile (wine lover or connoisseur), a whiskey fanatic, gin aficionado, or you love pretty, colourful cocktails, this site will give you all the information you need to learn more about your drink of choice.

Dive into the articles about the top three varieties of red wine, and white wine too. Or if whiskey is your drink of choice and you want to sound knowledgeable at your next poker game, give the ‘Whiskey – An Introduction’ article a quick read. Whatever your interest, you will find it here to broaden your knowledge, and gain a deeper appreciation.